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January 02, 2008



My daughter's (age 5) came just before Christmas, and my friend Jer (https://www.nyquil.org) got his a couple days before that. We were really glad she got to get it for Christmas, though. We simply let her open it and do what she wanted. Let me tell you, she knew *exactly* what to do. She had those ears flipped up and the thing open in a flash, and had that baby walking and talking.

I don't think we even had any issue getting online, just opened the Sugar browser and there it was.

So far, as far as "adding" to the bare bones, Jer has walked me through installing Firefox and the latest flash player. If you go through the XO's built-in browser, you have to click through a command every time something has flash animation, but if you go through FF, the flash will just play.

My daughter's biggest disappointment with the XO is that it is too painfully slow for Webkinz World. ;-) But, she is blogging on it, and all by herself became amazingly proficient with the camera, making scads of pictures and videos.

OH, and on the topic of using it as an e-reader: When the Kindle was debuted, Newsweek ran a big article on it and the future of e-books. One of the experts quoted, when asked what HE predicts will be the e-reader of choice, said the XO laptop! Jer is helping me with that function right now, as my daughter and I BOTH want to use it that way. I understand that one of the upgrades will include enhancement of that function.


Very, very cool!

Congratulations on supporting the $100 Dollar Laptop project. :)


I did the Give 1 Get 1 deal too -- just really wanted to see what the project had put together. Not sure whether I should give the thing away once I've been able to poke around on it, but our daughter is already lobbying hard for the notion that -- hey, she's an kid, and SHE doesn't have a laptop...


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